Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Put out to pasture

I have put this blog out to pasture. It was a good blog, and will still be around, but I have a shiny new one here that is attached to my website. I will still maintain this site, answering all questions and responding to all comments. Please visit me on my new blog here for my latest post on embracing the winter months.

May your holiday season be blessed and filled with happiness...

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


It feels as if I have been going full throttle ever since school started back up in January, and I haven't had time to even breath. It doesn't help that my son left to go back 'over there' which has left me out of sorts and anxious most days and especially nights. This pent up frustration has to go somewhere, so I have been staying really busy and working out consistently for months.  Also, I'm still posting on Love My Art Jewelry, so if you want to see what myself and the ladies have been up to check out the blog here.

 Recently, my husband and I purchased a kiln and will be working together on making beads and pendants. 

They will soon be listed on my website, along with some of these sandblasted pendants. Stay tuned!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jewelry Photography

I just couldn't take it anymore. You know, those jewelry pictures that leave you wondering how the heck did they get that shot? You know the ones...perfectly composed, clear shot, and with bokeh to die for? Well, I tried EVERYTHING and couldn't get those results. I even shoot with a Canon Rebel and sometimes with my son's Canon 7D. It drove me crazy! Even with those great camera bodies and after editing in Photoshop, I couldn't come up with the results I wanted. Jewelry photography can be a real pain is the butt sometimes.

Recently, I did some serious research into what lens would give me the results I wanted. I found it! It's the Canon 100mm 2.8L macro lens. This lens will definitely set you back a pretty penny, but it opens up a truly amazing new world. The below photos are of some pretty purple flowers that caught my eye. I was busy so I let my little cousins take the pictures and they took these shots. I have done a little after editing in photoshop to make the colors pop and increased the clarity, but that was all. AMAZING RIGHT? My photography is going to go from ehh, to BOOM! 

This photo looks like a beautiful fairy land to me.

The contrasting greens and purples are so pretty!

The background bokeh is nice and dreamy.

Taking photos of my jewelry is now enjoyable. I've also figured out how to tether the camera to my computer so all my shots automatically upload to my computer. Sooo much easier now.

Here are a few shots of my jewelry.

I shoot in a lightbox with reflective material and then do a little bit of after editing in photoshop. What a difference the right lens makes! I'm so much happier with my jewelry photography now. 

The lens is also wonderful for portraiture photography as well. If you are looking for a new lens I would definitely consider this one. Try it out if you can in the store before you buy. You will be amazed at the quality.

Happy shooting!

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