Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fancy new fabric for jewelry stands & Outdoor adventures

My new and improved stands are ready for use for my next venue! I will be a vendor at the American River Music Festival starting September 13th through the 15th. We had lots of fun last year and are looking forward to seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new people. 
 The new stands are covered in micro suede from Joann's. Here is the link to the actual fabric. I love the simplicity of the micro suede. It is very soft and it drapes nicely over the stands. I just hot glued the new fabric over the old. I then hot glued some narrow burlap ribbon to the edges of the stands.
Voila! New and improved jewelry stands ready for action. I kept a few of the stands the same for variety, added texture and pattern.
For the outdoor adventures we took a trip to Arizona to visit family and to also visit the Grand Canyon. I was in awe of the geology and how the Grand Canyon was formed. Fascinating! Also, while we were there Nik Wallenda, an arielist walked across the canyon on a tight rope. We drove right past the area where they were setting up on our way to Page, Arizona. You can see a short video here. I was so relieved when he made it safely to the other side! 
Grand Canyon
In Page we took a pontoon down the Colorado river and discovered these cool hieroglyphs. The water of the Colorado River is ICEY COLD! I got in once to cool off from the scorching Arizona sun and it took my breathe away!

Also my son and I learned to Kayak on the American River in Lotus, California. What an experience! The first day I felt defeated and weak because I kept turning upside down. Seriously, I wanted to quit and not do the second day but I stuck with it and learned to maneuver my kayak better through the rapids. We ended up having a blast!
Emerald Bay

We also hiked in Lake Tahoe...
Eagle Lake

Horsetail Falls

Discovered a new watering hole...

Rock Creek

And went down the river in floats..
American River

It's back to school time next week for me where I will be continuing my studies in French and I am also taking a metal smith class to learn how to use my new torch!

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have on the stands. Unfortunately I  have to moderate my comments due to spammers but I I promise to respond to you asap!

Thank you for reading!

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