Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cedar wall for booth display & New designs

UPDATE: I recently did a tutorial on Love My Art Jewelry on how to make this wall here: TUTORIAL

I wanted to share our new cedar wall for craft fairs and also new jewelry designs. When doing craft fairs I had two tables opposite each other in my 10' tent and I noticed it was very crowded and people would just walk by my tent and not enter. I wanted to make my tent more inviting, cozy and have more room to display jewelry.
The cedar wall is in three pieces and because cedar is so light they are easy to move around. I want to do a tutorial on how we did it BUT I am still sketchy about it's construction. My hubby reassures me that it's not going anywhere and he is probably right but it still freaks me out when the wind blows and my whole booth rocks back and forth. We are scheduled in December for another craft fair so I will see how that goes. If it still stands and doesn't knock over other booths or worse, crush a customer (haha) I will post a tutorial.
I sure do love this wall though! The mirror with the shutters was a magnet for customers and I sold so many earrings I couldn't keep it full. I had maybe two or three left when the fair was over! The doors open and close and my tags have the prices on the back so customers just look behind the door for prices. The wall was a success too because customers were able to move around better and I think that helped with sales. It's still not exactly how I want it (of course), but I have learned a lot about booth design and selling at craft fairs. IT IS NOT EASY for sure! Your have to contend with flies, heat, cold, grumpy customers, grumpy vendors (me sometimes). Overall though, I really do enjoy meeting new people, making new friends, and getting good feedback on my jewelry and booth display. Here is a picture of the other side.
It is still a work in progress. I would like a large carved wooden leaf laying on the table to put jewelry in but I yet to find one that I really like. 

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  1. Lovely jewelry, great idea for the cedar plank as a backdrop

  2. Thank you! I did a tutorial on Love My Art Jewelry on how to make it here