Thursday, March 27, 2014


Better is the enemy of good - Voltaire

Confession time. I sometimes can be a perfectionist to the point of driving myself and my loved ones crazy. I think it comes from needing to control this out of control world around me. Did I fold that towel perfectly? Or polish the sink until it shines? Did I run enough time on the treadmill? I can't stop. I have tried. I'm guilty of beating myself up or listening to negative people.
My studio allows me to escape though. When I am there designing I can embrace the beauty of imperfection. I am free of the chaos around me and I am allowed to just let my creative juices flow. It feels so liberating at times and I am grateful for every moment.
This necklace was created in one of those special moments. I love dragonflies because they remind me of the ever constant state of change. We all have the option to grow and become better individuals or to continue to be stuck in fear. Dragonflies remind us to live with joy and lightness of being. A beautiful dragonfly visited me while making this necklace. It reminded me to be adaptable and always look for ways to change and grow.

My Transcend necklace is currently being showcased at Harris Center Art Gallery.

Thank you so much for visiting!


  1. Perfectionism elegantly made into a BEAUTIFUL JEWEL! Carol, what a stunning way to channel the energy that many of us have and need to find ways to put to use, and let me tell you, I am a perfectionist too! I tend to sit there like Oscar Wilde for hours, trying to figure out, "Should I leave that comma, or take it out!" hahahahah

    Thank you kindly for coming to visit me; I am thrilled to hear that your journey has been one of VICTORY. Bravo to you, bravo to the LOVE of heaven for the mercies of hope. Have a fantastic spring and thank you again for commenting! Anita

  2. Thank you Anita! I love to soak in every post you write and there have been many that have touched and healed me. I am a loyal follower! I hope all is well with you. I wish you and your loved ones many days filled with lightness of spirit and love. Carol

  3. Your Transcend necklace is so stunning - so pretty with the blues and greens peaking through the dragonfly cut-out. The dangles are the perfect touch. I totally hear you about the studio...mine is absolute craziness, even I'm getting fed up with it! :-) My tools, wire and beads are spread out all over the floor at this point! :-)

  4. Coming from you that is an amazing compliment!!!! I love your work, you inspire me to be a better designer! Yes, it's as if a bomb went off when I'm done with a design, oh, and the liver of sulfur smell is a treat for the family! Lol.

  5. This necklace is beautiful, the colors are stunning and I love the meaning behind it! -Laura