Saturday, May 18, 2013


Half a man's life is devoted to what he calls improvement, yet the original had some quality which is lost in the process.  E.B. White

My focus has shifted recently to making enameled designs. I just love when I receive a package that has little baggies of powdered enamels inside. The enamels remind me of the candy Fun Dip. I am also enjoying finding the metals to enamel on. There are so many choices with many different patterns and textures! I am looking at metal objects differently now and wondering if I can enamel them. A gentleman friend has joined in on the fun and gave me some vintage brass washers with squares in the center. They enameled beautifully so he cut them into triangles and then machine cut some holes so I could make chandelier earrings. One should not be able to make money having this much fun! Right??

My focus has changed so now I will be incorporating engraved stones, etched metals, and enameled designs into my shop. I have so many designs in my head with little time to make them. Recently we had an awful family emergency so my thoughts have been elsewhere. Also school has taken much of my time. After May 21st, which is my last final I will be able to focus on jewelry designs and prepare for the Barbera Festival! The Barbera Festival is a fun event and I make tons of new clients and friends. I have had time to make these design pictured below and they will be listed soon to my Etsy shop.

 Did I mention I love Tensha beads?

 Metal courtesty of a very sweet gentleman friend. Flamenco Dancer earrings

 Here Comes the Sun necklace

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