Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Solstice-a time of looking inward

With the winter solstice next week I find myself looking inward and contemplating the new year. I have been focusing on doing away with things that no longer sustain me to allow for new growth and discovery, just as a tree loses it's leaves in winter only to bring forth an exploding bloom of color and life.

I have been staying busy. My son and I took a mini vacation to Nevada before he was deployed again. I got some great shots including the one above and also of this gorgeous coyote!

 I have been very busy in the studio as well. I had a craft fair and made a ton of new designs for the show. Here is some of my torch fired enamel pieces. The copper one with the green leaves sold right away! It's etched with inlaid enamel. I plan on making more of this style and adding a new collection to my Etsy shop

I had my hair dresser work her magic on my hair! A little bit ombre but natural looking. She really knows how to make me happy:)

Cheers and thank you for stopping by!

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