Friday, October 19, 2012

Sources of joy and beauty

Joy is everywhere. We can find it in the most mundane details of our lives. What gives you the most pleasure? Is it the drawing your son or daughter presented to you last night? Is it your significant others touch or embrace? I would love to hear what makes you happy! For me its nature, plain and simple. So for my birthday this week all I wanted was to explore this divine gift we all possess, the earth. I am a lucky gal to live so close to Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains. My hubby and I hiked for hours at Horestail Falls and Pyramid Creek. It was a gorgeous day and I am immensely grateful for such a wonderful birthday!

I have also been experimenting with enamels and electrolytic copper etching.  I used a car battery charger with some of my old photo resist film and viola! Etched design. Actually it was a pain in the butt to figure out but I think I got it now! Yea right. The enameled beads turned out cool! I melted quite a few before I realized only certain types will enamel. Dripping hot metal is extremely hot and I don't recommend touching it!

I have been busy updating my Etsy shop and adding new listings. Here are a few! 

 Quatrefoil Necklace                                                  Take a Hike Necklace
                                           Iolite faceted rondelle earrings

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