Friday, September 21, 2012

Jewelry stands in action and a feature on The Beading Gem's Journal

I was fortunate to be a part of the American River Music Festival in Lotus this year. It was a two day event with lots of great music and fun. The weather was a little warm on our first day so for the next day we bought a portable mister and it was a hit! My hubby hooked it up to the front awning and it would mist people as they walked by. It was a great conversation starter and we had return customers!

 I am already bored with my display and will be changing a few things for the next event.  I want a more uniform, not so busy look so maybe only 3 different fabrics instead of the 5 I use. Also I want them to be a rougher texture but not take away from the pendants designs. I have so much fun playing with fabrics, textures and colors!
 My director's chairs are from Pier One and have a cool embossed design.  I adjust necklace lengths upon request so its nice to be able to work and converse with customers at the same time.
I used to process credit cards with Square until I had a bad experience with customer service. Basically there is none, and for me customer service is almost as important as the product I'm buying or using. I now use Paypal Here. The benefits of Paypal Here are; you have access to your money instantly without having to transfer to your bank account. They send you a credit card so you can use it to buy things like gas etc. You can list in Paypal local as accepting Paypal payments. Customers with Paypal can send you money directly....and the most important benefit is they have customer service that is there late in the evening and willing to help you if you run into a problem. I also like the credit card reader itself. It locks into place and processes the credit card usually within the first try. Ok, so for the downsides...the application isn't all that great. Now I do have an Android Incredible 4g so maybe it's better with an iPhone. The worst problem I encountered was it froze on me numerous times when processing orders. UGH! I had to shut my phone off completely and reboot. I called Paypal and they said the problem wasn't one that other people were experiencing and that it might be my phone. Oh boy. Overall, I do recommend Paypal Here over Square due to their lack of customer service, and Paypal Here just started so I think they will get all the kinks worked out soon. Also, I ordered two card readers and one was broke, so if you get one and it's not working it could very well be the reader.

The very sweet Pearl over at The beading Gem's Journal did a nice post today on my jewelry stands tutorial. I love her blog because she provides a wealth of information to the beading community. Thank you Pearl!

I have a TON of new product including new necklace designs and also earrings. I made leather bracelets for the very first time as well. I have a few below and will be taking pictures and posting to Etsy very soon!

I am loving soldering and using metal. For the above pieces I just used a micro torch. Today I purchased my acetylene and oxygen tanks and am looking forward to playing with some serious heat!

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