Friday, August 17, 2012

Things I am currently addicted to and AMAZING news!

To continue sharing more about me and who I am I wanted to do a post of things I am addicted to right now as well as the latest and greatest news!!!

 I recently discovered the best kept secret to having younger looking skin that glows and feels amazing. What is this mysterious product? Barlean's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I kid you not, this stuff is absolutely astonishing. I am in no way affiliated with Barlean's just a very satisfied customer that wants everyone to know how great it is. I was perusing a magazine recently, can't remember which one, and they were touting how great this product was for smoother skin. I decided to give it a try. I take a shower or bath at night and then apply it all over. It's a light oil that makes your skin all warm and tingly. The smell is divine and the oil does not come off as you might think. I live in a pretty dry climate so my skin absorbs it real quick. The next day my skin glows and feels heavenly. I have gotten compliments from my friends and total strangers as to my skin glowing and looking radiant. The Pacific islanders call the coconut palm the "tree of life" because of it's wide range of uses-from medicines, food, drink, body, and hair tonic. It is supposed to be able to help you lose weight and is full of the good type of fatty acids. If you go to their website you can also get free samples of other products to try. I LOVE this stuff right now can you tell?

The next product I have used for over 20 years which I found from a Shape magazine. I tend to like simple, one ingredient, cost effective products that work miracle's.   Dickenson's Original Witch Hazel is so simple to use and you can find it at a local drugstore. I have very dry sensitive skin so I can't use any harsh chemicals. I love this product because it balances my skin's natural Ph and gets it ready to accept moisturizer. I always have people tell me I don't look my age and that my face is very young looking. LOVE that!

I am lovin Stila's Passion Fruit Crush Lip & Cheek Stain right now.I don't know why but whenever I put on lip gloss or lipstick it's gone in like a nano second. I love that it stays put, doesn't dry my lips out and looks very natural. I also layer it sometimes with one of their glosses.
I simply cannot live without Evernote. Why do I love it so much? I can "Remember everything, capture anything, access anywhere, and find it fast." I've always been a natural organizer and list maker. If my house is in disarray or if I don't have things written down that I have to do I feel as if my life is completely out of control. Yes, I know, issues. So when I found Evernote and what it is capable of doing I was thrilled! I joke and say it's like a list making program on crack. I have it organized for both personal and business uses. Here's one example. Say you find a recipe on Pinterest that you just have to make. I use the Evernote web clipper and put it in my "recipe folder". Then when I am at the grocery store I can simply pull up the recipe on my smart phone via the Evernote app. The options for use are endless and as a company they are always perfecting their product. You can use the free option or buy extra storage capability for a reasonable price. I never go over my usage limit so I haven't had the need to upgrade.

Ok, so for the absolute best news EVER!!! I do have to start on a sad note, 5 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I know, I know, scary as hell. But I fought it like a champ and even had a little fun with all the wigs and scarves. I even had my head henna tattooed. Check out the pic to the left, it was a cute rose vine design. I basically made cancer my b%#^h, and after all the treatment I changed my life completely. The things I used to consider important were no longer of value. So anyways...the most awesome news is I just had my 5 year mammogram a few days ago and they called and said I am still cancer free!!! They say you are cured if you don't get it again after 5 years. I don't know if that is true but I will take it. So now I can breathe a bit deeper and look forward to turning into an LOL (little old lady).

Thank you for stopping by!