Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainbow clouds & Stardust

Where have I been you ask? Collecting rainbow clouds and stardust of course! I happen to live in a small town in California that was hit by a meteor on April 22nd 2012. One of the pieces they found had been crushed by a car at the park I walk at everyday and with my luck I probably ran it over! I have hiked up mountain sides with rattlers and mountain lions, scaled jagged cliffs with lizards and scorpions and still no piece to call my own. Why would I do such a crazy thing? I asked that many times myself and all I can come up with is I wanted some stardust!!! Not to mention their value is 20 times that of gold!

Also, my son and I love astronomy and anything to do with the night sky so on May 20th 2012 we drove to Pyramid Lake to see the Annular Solar Eclipse.

The sun produced these awesome rainbow clouds and long strange shadows.  
Across the lake they had the Symbiosis Gathering but we decided to view the eclipse from a more private area.

What a galactic fun time it has been! On top of all the excitement I have had to prepare for my largest event yet The Barbera Festival on June 9th. We had such a wonderful time, met some very nice people and we will definitely be back next year! I wish I had taken some pictures but once we got set up the wind knocked over half of my display and we had to hustle to get it back up. (Cheetah duct tape does wonders to hold down displays) We were busy non-stop after that with sales and making new friends and customers! I have made quite a few new designs, and will be posting to my Etsy shop as soon as I can take better pictures. As you can see some have been influenced by the recent events.
                                         Yin Yang sun



Designs soon to be posted to Etsy! Now listed.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Very beautiful, interesting and lovely designs.

  2. Thank you Terence for your kindness!

  3. Good morning, Carol!

    I AM SO PLEASED TO MEET YOU! I see you visited last night and your kind words are just the sweetest and most sincere. I enjoy blogging and most of all meeting the people behind the ideas, the art, words and passion for communicating! I am originally from Los Angeles Ca. but lived most of my adult life in Boston and Minneapolis! I am intrigued to hear that you live close to where a meteor hit! My husband and I just watched a compelling DVD on THE UNIVERSE. It is stunning to think that we are literally STAR DUST. What beauty we have here on this earth, thanks to the STARS!

    May you be well and enjoy your summer. I will be receiving a guest on Monday and will be away from my computer for a week but I will leave up an "announcement" on my blog. Do come by and enjoy the photos if you wish. Happy star gazing!! Anita

  4. Hi Anita!

    Thank you for posting such a sweet comment on my blog!

    I have been following reading your blog posts for over a year now and you have lifted my spirits on more than one occasion. You have a gift of intertwining words and images that is pure magic! I love the blogging community and how we as a whole we teach and encourage each other to follow our dreams.

    I hope you are enjoying your visitor this week and having "hot fun" in summertime!