Friday, April 13, 2012

Do you Polyvore?

For the love of spring
For the love of spring by terrarusticadesign featuring jewelry

Finally! When I first opened my shop and started blogging last year, I found Polyvore and thought what a cool way market my pendants!  Hours later I discovered Polyvore and Etsy weren't friends. Ugh. Yesterday Polyvore announced that we can finally clip products from to include in Polyvore outfits! YAY! I am very happy about this as I feel it will increase traffic not only to my shop but the Etsy community as a whole. The downside to getting more exposure I guess is the copyright issues. I feel that in any market the more exposure you have the more chances unfortunately of being infringed upon. So what are your thoughts on Polyvore and Etsy becoming Bff's?

I have spring fever. To alleviate my condition I have been taking pictures of flowers and wildlife every where I go. Below are some pictures of my recent outings. If you are ophidiphobic or afraid of snakes you may wanna skip the next photos!

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly
Baby Blue Eyes

Fiddleneck & Popcorn Flowers

 Gopher snake 
Sharp-tailed snake

Cronin Ranch Valley

Rain and thunderstorms all day forced me to stay indoors. The power went out for two hours and all I could do was finish this book Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. In the shack pictured above there is the Hay Duke library. On a cardboard sign it says "take a book leave a book". I took this particular book and read it in two days. Time to return it and drop off another for someone else! Bartering the old fashioned way. If only getting gas and groceries were this easy:)

Thank you for reading!

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