Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stepping out of the dreariness

There are days when it seems impossible to be thrilled by anything, when a perverse dreariness holds the mind; and then all of a sudden the gentle and wistful mood flows back, and the world is full of beauty to the brim. A.C. Benson

Recently I was challenged to not let my thoughts overtake my moods and actions. Honestly I will admit I failed miserably. So caught up in my nightmare of animosity and change that I obsessed endlessly of the outcome that was to be mine and my families life. For days even months sleep was fleeting and stress seemed to be the norm and not just an occasional thing.

Life has been so very good to me. I have always felt a higher power watching over me, creating amazing opportunities at just the right moment or teaching me lessons right when I was ready to learn them. So in this regard I have always believed "things happen for a reason" and "what is meant to be will be".  So where did my  faith go??  I was so caught up in wanting my life the way I wanted it to be. I still wanted my garden, my chickens and a studio for my jewelry business. What was going to be the outcome? I am not a very patient person for sure and hated the waiting and not knowing, the feeling of being totally out of control of my life was NOT an option for me.
As with any of life's challenges and lessons I think we are to learn to trust the process and not be slaves to our emotions and thoughts. Easier said than done when you are completely immersed in the situation but that I believe is the challenge. To not let our feeling and emotions get the best of us. They can become just part of the landscape if we just step back and view them from a distance. Sometimes we can see things more clearly when we're farther away.
I am feeling extremely grateful these days. I still have my chickens, I am currently amending soil for the new garden, and my home is larger, cozier and warmer with an even better work situation for the studio. What was I so worried about anyway??
The universe works in mysterious magical ways.

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