Friday, August 19, 2011

The joys of homesteading

I love to garden and keep chickens. The thought of picking my own fresh organic heirloom veggies and collecting eggs makes me giddy with happiness. For weeks we could just eat from our little homestead, only if my man felt the same way, but alas he is a hot dogs and bologna kind of guy. Occasionally I can slip in a few veggies undetected but that is a rare occurrence. He says my raised beds look like graves. Well, I guess they kinda do.

I LOVE Baker Creek Heirlooms with their gorgeous catalog. You have to order early though because their seeds get sold out fast.

Here are some of my graves with seedlings that will eventually be transformed into little islands of deliciousness.

Some of my peppers.
                               I plan on trying a spicy curry dish with these Thai Red Chili's.

                                    Anaheim peppers for an amazing Chili Relleno casserole

Ahh tomatoes. They are taking FOREVER to ripen due to the crazy weather but good things come to those who wait. Here are a few we have growing.
                                                                     German Red Strawberry                
                                                                           Black Krim

                                                                    Sweet 100 Cherry

Eggplant, beans and squash.

Click here to see baby chicks before.
We call him The Duke. Very protective of his ladies.

   All grown up and getting ready to lay in a few weeks. Woohoo!

How could I forget the fruit? The only thing my "man" eats out of the garden are the Strawberries. They are quite good and juicy.
Charentais Melon
These melons are hard to come by at the grocery store. Every day I check to see if they are ready.

My favorite of the whole garden. Cucumbers! Is it a fruit or veggie? I gave up asking that question a long time ago.

Jaune Dickfleischige Cucumber
This cucumber is delightful! I have a wonderful recipe soon to follow.
 Every garden needs one of these! Pumba, my mice catching, gopher eating hero!


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