Saturday, June 4, 2011

Step one: Space planning

It has almost been year since I made the change from interior designer to jewelry designer with my new shop here and I have been missing my clients. So for this post I am going to give you a tutorial on interior design space planning. Sounds boring as heck right? But stick with me and hopefully I will give you a few pointers for you to arrange your furniture. Your husband will come home and wonder if he is in the right house!
The basic furniture layout of the room is the foundation to all the rest of the fun stuff like gorgeous paint colors, accessories, and textiles.
Ok, the first thing I do when I walk into a room is ask with is the focal point. Is there more than one? Take the room below for example.  Is the piano in the room the main focal point and the fireplace secondary? Or is the view out the windows on the fireplace wall the primary focal point?
This is a transitional room that is well-designed and the furniture is nicely balanced taking advantage of all the important focal points. The sofa is facing the piano and the chair in the corner is facing towards the fireplace and windows.  There are usually quite a few different ways you can configure a space.
It all comes down to how you are going to utilize the room and how you want it to function. So another very important aspect to space planning is how do you plan on utilizing this room? What is its purpose? Do you want to read by a nicely lit lamp next to the fireplace? Are you going to use this room for gatherings and parties? How many people do you want to seat comfortably?  Ahh, for my next post on interior design we will explore those questions. Happy arranging!

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