Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally sunshine!

Summer has finally come to the Sierra foothills. Well, summer doesn't officially start until June 21, 1:16 P.M. EDT, but who is keeping track? I am just so happy it has stopped raining. So have these gals who enjoyed their first day out of the coop! Well, twelve hens and three roosters. Anybody want a rooster?? I would make rooster stew but the problem is I can't even kill a spider.

Here are some new listings to the shop.

Abundance necklace

Flower power necklace

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  1. I'm glad you got some sun! Did it stay? We had three nice days and now it is cold, windy and rainy, and I'm sitting under my blanket with the fireplace burning!

  2. Hi Teresa!

    Yes, the sun is finally here to stay. I think the delay in warm weather is going to make me appreciate and take advantage of every single day of summer. My garden is also loving the warm weather and things are starting to sprout. I promise it will get warmer:)

    I wanted to thank you for your inspiring blog. Yours is my all time favorite!

    I wish you luck on planning your son's wedding, I'm sure it will be absolutely beautiful and special in so many ways.

  3. Enjoy your summer, our winter is turning up the cold right now..I adore your "girls"..xx